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Day 1: The Day the Law Stopped A Piercing!

January 27, 2011

27 January 2011

So today was a day dedicated to having a taste for new things. 1 o’clock was my hair appointment. Since i was about five i’ve never had a fringe. Never ever ever! So today I decided to go to a hairdresser, get a front fringe and pray that the hairdresser was a pro. I didn’t want to look like i’ve got a salad bowl haircut or even worse… a mullet. Got that done and an eyelash tint. I felt like a rich little tart. I never used to bother with hair or make up. haha that’s probably why i don’t have a boyfriend ROFL!

But i felt super. My hairdresser was great and i look like one of those colourful and bubbly 60’s love children. I wish i lived in the 60’s. Everything was so free spirited.

Then at 4 o’clock i went to Off Ya Tree: The Bong and Body Piercing shop to get my neck (nape) pierced. Got there, gave them my ID, got rejected! The government put a new law out TODAY stating that no persons under the age of 18 is allowed to get a surface piercing unless approved by a guardian! What a load of shite. If i went yesterday i would’ve got it done. But noooo! So Saturday is the day for my neck to go into the torture studio YEY!

Damn, this blog is boring. Why can’t my life seem a tinsy bit more lively/exciting/illicit/fabulous?

Oh well, i’ll just keep writing to a large abyss called the World Wide Web. No worries.

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