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Things to do when I turn 18

January 21, 2011

As i live in Australia i can’t do any of the under 18 things. You know what i’m talking about. So i have decided to create a list of all the things that i want to do when i hit the grande age of 18!

1- Go to a club. Even though i prefer to stay indoors and play computer games, watch movies and read, i will go to a club to see what the 18 and over scene is like. You never know, i may like it. All the booze, boys and dresses (oh god, sounds awful).

2- Get a small tatoo. Nothing major. I don’t fancy the face of an old lover, mother or annoying brother on my arm. Too common ;). But i am obsessed with anatomical drawings especially that of the heart. So maybe i’ll get that done. Who knows? I’ve got a year to decide.

3- Try out for ROLLER-DERBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always wanted to do this super cool sport. Where else can you see woman beat the shit out of people in rollerskates? Too classy!

4- Go into an adult shop. I’ve walked past about 5 of these shops nearly everyday (my town seems to be full of sex addicts who attend regular S.A. meetings) so I’m naturally curious as to what is in them. I have a fair idea haha.

5- Buy booze at a bottle shop. Alcohol is not that special. It makes you feel like shit in the morning and decides to make your face look like one of the 99 red balloons. But I want to do this because it’s the fact that i can buy alcohol without getting arrested. If i were ever arrested i would like it to be in the style of SUPERBAD! I would kill to do doughnuts with cops and then set the car alight while shooting at it.

I guess that’s about it really. If you have stumbled onto this blog and are reading this right now, give me other ideas please 🙂

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